The podcast I listened to today went up to the top 3 of the best I’ve listened to. It’s .NET Rocks episode 917, Micro Service Architectures with James Lewis and Matt Collinge.

The reason this is among the best I’ve heard is that this couldn’t have been better timing. Right now I’m working on architectural changes for a personal project and also at work. Last week I went to a seminar with Miguel Castro about SPA with ASP.NET MVC and Knockout where part of the solution was services and now I’m also watching Miguel’s Pluralsight course on “Building End-to-End Multi-Client Service Oriented Applications”. So maybe you can see why I got totally stoked when I listened to a podcast about service architecture. My head got filled with possible solutions for my applications.

There are a lot of good insights and advice in this podcast. SOA, Service Oriented Architecture was all the hype about 5-6 years ago and then people said it was dead. But the thing is that it is not dead. The term SOA might be dead but the architecture lives on and is just that, architecture. We don’t think or talk about SOA anymore, we just do it.

Amazon went for a service oriented architecture some years back because they couldn’t scale their current solution enough. Netflix have tons of micro services running.

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