Today it was two shorter podcasts in my queue, first up RunAs Radio episode 338, Memory Management with Clint Huffman.

As a developer I think we should know more about the hardware and operating system that we’re developing for. This podcast gave me a couple of “What?” moments when Clint was talking about memory. I had some knowledge about the memory limits of 32 bit OS vs 64 bit OS and the effects of running 32 bit apps on a 64 bit OS. What I didn’t know is that some 32 bit system technically can have up to 64 GB, not 4 GB as is the known limit caused by mathematical laws. What? Take a listen and find out more about RAM, Virtual Address space and much more.

Second short podcast of today was Hanselminutes episode 362, iOS and Android apps with Xamarin Studio 2.0 and Miguel de Icaza.

Miguel present Xamarin Studio 2.0. The other day I listened to a talk about Icenium, also a cross platform mobile development framework. It’s great to see these solutions on the market. I’ve tried a little Objective-C, haven’t gotten into Android or Windows Phone development yet. But since I’m a .NET developer at heart I would love to write C# and then build my app for iOS, Android and WP without having to do extra versions.

There’s also a great discussion on software pricing. Miguel have worked in open source on Linux and Unix for 20 years and now when he moved to Windows and Mac he was surprised that people are happy to pay for software and features.

Open source is great but we all have bills to pay.