Today it’s two shorter podcasts. The first one is The Tablet Show episode 105, iPad Development with Kirby Turner.

Yesterday I listened to a talk about Cross-Platform Mobile Development and I had this iPad podcast in my queue to follow up with. Kirby Turner share a lot of good advice on developing iPad apps and also the biggest differences between developing iPad apps and iPhone apps.

The second one is Herding Code episode 179, xSockets with Uffe Björklund and Magnus Thor.

xSockets is a free framework for building real time applications. Today you can use for example SignalR but these two guys started building xSockets four years ago and have a very nice framework on their hands. The discussion is about how xSockets work and they also share some examples of applications built with xSockets.
One guy in Jamaica built an application that connect microscopes and let doctors control the scopes, look at the images from the scopes and discuss this through a web site.

There’s also a guy who is building an application that will control the water in Dubai.

Really cool stuff!