Today it’s a podcast recorded live in London, .NET Rocks episode 915, Disruptive Change with Dan North.

The guys talks with Dan North about how he’s working with changing how large organizations do development, making work more fun, more creative and more efficient. They talk about the importance of change and that the risk is not in changing but often in NOT changing.

I have seen a lot of this during my career and in software development it’s very important to change. Technology advances so fast that if you don’t change with it there will be a day where you either have to change, then the change will be large and expensive, or shut down your application because you can’t run it anymore.

I even have another real world example, the budget problems in USA. Here we have the ultra conservative republicans causing a shut down of the government. You do know what conservative means right? It means that you want to preserve existing conditions, institutions etc., or to restore traditional ones, and to limit change.
In our world today things are changing, they will keep changing and you have to change with it.

Control the change, don’t let it control you.