Not only am I learning stuff “one hour a day” but I also go to seminars, learn things at work, read books and watch learning videos.

Last night I went to a seminar arranged by SWENUG (Swedish .NET User Group) with Miguel Castro. The sponsor was Active Solutions. Miguel is a really cool guy. He’s not only an awesome, knowledgeable developer but he’s also a great speaker and he kept us on our toes and enchanted for over two hours.
This was a primer to Knockout followed by a demo how the whole thing works with views, single page applications and how to work with browser history.

I’ve started to look into KnockoutJS already. I’ve listened to a couple of podcasts, done tutorials, read blog posts and I’ve started building my resource application (yes, I will continue). It’s a very exciting technology and together with ASP.NET MVC using Web API to handle the data transfer it’s totally awesome. Or to quote Miguel, “Knockout is the best invention since the condom!”

Miguel have a great course on Pluralsight and he gave us some 30 days free cards. I’ve already listened to the first parts of the course and it’s very good. For 11 hours and 40 minutes he’ll show you how to build an application from beginning to end using KnockoutJS, WCF, ASP.NET MVC, Web API and more. You should really check it out.

One good thing with Pluralsight is that you can speed up the video feed. Looking at videos like this I always find it too slow so it’s great to be able to speed things up. Miguel sounds really funny in double speed but you’ll get everything he’s talking about. Then you can slow down a little when he’s going into details.

Pluralsight is great. I haven’t used it before, and not watching much videos at all, but after spending two months with podcasts this is the next logical step. I will definitely subscribe after my 30 days are up. 

Oh yeah, don’t forget to follow Miguel on Twitter so he can get a little closer to the cast of Jersey Shore in followers.