This time it’s .NET Rocks episode 913, Physical Database Design with Kim Tripp.

This is a little follow-up on the podcast on next generation storage I listened to a couple of days ago. The discussion actually starts where that one ended, with a talk about SSD’s. Then the discussion turns into one that every developer should hear.

Kim and the guys talks about NoSQL, ORM and rapid development and the impact it might have on performance later on when the application grows. It’s great to use for example Entity Framework or whatever ORM or NoSQL tools you like but it’s very important to be humble enough as a developer to realize that you will probably need a real DBA if the application being built is supposed to scale and become something big.

When I started working in 1998 I did everything from the database to the user interface. I worked at an advertising agency so I had web designers who did the page design but the rest was all me and the other web developers. But a lot have happened since then and I’ve had discussions with database designers through the years and it’s important to have a good relationship and good discussions about the data in your team.