This time it’s Software Engineering Radio episode 198, Wil van der Aalst.

I’ve mentioned before that I like processes and I had this podcast in my queue. Wil van der Aalst is a Professor at the Technical University of Eindhoven and if you check out his CV you will be impressed.

This is an advanced theoretical discussion on business processes management and workflow systems and it is easy to zone off. But it’s interesting and if you, like me, have an interest in processes you should give it a try.

Way back I wondered why there was always so much talk about processes in companies. The bigger the company, the more processes and the more complex they get. Now, this is actually just common sense as I learned when I got more mature and experienced.

Human beings are creatures of habit. If you think about it you will probably find that most things you do at home and at work you do the same thing every time. Your morning routine is done so you can sleep as long as possible and still get to work on time. Your workout routine is planned so you’ll work out your whole body in a week. Your work day is similar to the day before.

I use the work routine a couple of times and that is exactly what processes is. A routine. In business you document this, you create the business processes, so that it’s always done the same way. This improves quality, security, new employees will know what to do, and so on.

So, processes exists all around us in one way or another and knowing that makes me see a lot of things differently.

Remember one thing though, being stuck in a rut is not the same thing as having a routine. Rut bad, routine good.