This podcast is Hanselminutes episode 390, The State of Object-Relational Mapping with Frans Bouma.

I have followed Frans and his LLBLGEN since the first version in 2003. I know it’s a great product and unfortunately I’ve only tried it out a couple of times during all these years. He’s a true expert and this is a very good discussion. Amongst other things they discuss the future of relational databases and Frans is pretty sure that they will remain no matter all the talk about NoSQL databases. There was a lot of talk about object databases in 1989 when he started the university and still relational databases remains the choice for most applications.

I recommend that you follow Frans on Twitter and check out LLBLGEN.

Second podcast of today is RunAs Radio episode 329, All SharePoint 2013 Things Considered with Robert Bogue.

I’ve used and developed SharePoint since SharePoint 2003 but not fulltime. It’s a great product but complicated to do things that is not out of the box.

It sounds like Microsoft are making a few mistakes with SharePoint 2013. You can see that they are pushing towards Office365 and it seems as they almost try to force people to use the cloud instead of on-premise installations. Upgrading from SP2010 to 2013 sounds like a hassle and will also be quite expensive caused by a different development model and the necessity for more servers.

I think that is a big mistake. Large enterprises will need on-premise installations. Legal departments are still worried about keeping company documentation outside their own data centers and this move by Microsoft will cause customers to stay with SharePoint 2010 instead of upgrading.