Today it was time for yet another JavaScript framework. I listened to JavaScript Jabber episode 76, Metor.js with Marcus Phillips and Fred Zirdung.

Meteor is an application platform built around Smart Packages. It sounds like a great framework and from what I understand the team behind Meteor are real aces.

One comment strikes me as odd. The guys discuss if Meteor can be run on Windows servers but none of them know. I looked around a little and found only an unofficial support for Meteor on Windows. To me that’s a deal breaker. One of the selling points of using JavaScript has in my opinion been platform independence. Hopefully the Meteor developer’s have Windows support planned soon otherwise they lose a lot of their market.

One thing I think about when listening to all these JavaScript framework podcasts, and especially after something Rocky Lothka said, is that so many developer’s are talking about moving logic and functions to the client-side. That is good in one way but I think it’s important to find a balance. Rocky mentioned that we’ve been there before, learned from our mistakes and moved a lot to server-side. Now we’re moving back and in some cases we end up with duplicate logic and code on server- and client-side.

I feel that I need to collect my thoughts about these things and put some in writing and find out what I really think. 🙂