After the last podcast, that was 90 minutes, I spent some time installing and testing the Windows Performance Toolkit.
You can read more about at MSDN and download it with the Windows Assessment and Deployment Kit (ADK)

The ADK includes multiple applications but I only installed Windows Performance Toolkit, Windows Assessment Toolkit and Windows Assessment Services.

There are two tools in WPT; Windows Performance Recorder (WPR) and Windows Performance Analyzer (WPA).
With WPR you can record application behavior and resources usage in detail. There are a lot of different areas you can record and you can create your own profiles.

The log files that WPR creates can be analyzed in WPA. I ran the WPR for a couple of minutes to have some data to test with and got a 256 MB .etl file. This I opened in WPA. It’s amazing the details you can look at. You can zoom into the graphs to look at specific data points and so on.

There are a lot of different graphs that will be displayed in different categories. If you for example take Computation you can look at CPU Usage (Sampled), CPU Usage (Precise) and DPC/ISR. Then for each of those you get even more graphs.

These tools are pretty complex and It’s easy to get a little overwhelmed to start with. There is a help file for WPT and it have quick starts for both the WPR and the WPA so I recommend that you start with those. I’m playing around with it to see what kind of information I can get and then try to find out what it really means and how I can speed up my computer.