Today I’ve listened to The PowerScripting Podcast episode 241, Microsoft PFE Matthew Reynolds on the Windows Performance Toolkit.

There are often a lot of complaining that it takes a long time for Windows to boot up. We’re mainly talking business computers right now but everything can be applied to personal computers as well. The long boot sequence is often caused by multiple scripts and permissions running and at Microsoft Matthew Reynolds is working hard to tune and find a way to improve the Windows experience.

Matthew talks about how they at Microsoft are using the performance toolkit, and other applications, to log boot sequences from thousands of computers around the world. The data is analyzed and the boot sequence have gone from 4-5 minutes to 20-30 seconds. That’s amazing and by using the Windows Performance Toolkit you can probably speed up your computer at home as well.

This podcast is a little longer, 90 minutes, so I’ve spent half an hour checking out the Windows Performance Toolkit. You can read more about that tomorrow.