Microsoft have announced the Surface 2 and what a nice little machine it is. For me as a developer and a commuter the Surface Pro 2 will replace my iPad and MacBook Air. It’s not just a tablet, it’s a laptop, and desktop, replacement. It has a Haswell Intel Core i5-4200U processor, Intel 4400HD graphics, it will support dual external displays at 2650 x 1600 and you can get it with up to 8GB RAM and 512 GB disk. This is not a competitor to the iPad, it’s kicking MacBook Air’s butt.

But that’s not all. Microsoft show that they are the true innovators on the market now. Check out the Surface #RemixProject. A cover with mixer controls!
That makes me think about the endless possibilities for software developers. Maybe Wacom should build a Wacom tablet cover. And how about a gamer control cover.

I’m pre-ordering my Surface Pro 2 today.
This is mobile computing for the 21th century and I can hear the people at Apple saying “Oh crap!”.