Looking into the future with Hanselminutes episode 388, Vision-Based computing with Dr. Neil Roodyn.

Having seen Minority Report and other sci-fi movies where the persons interact with there computers using voice and movements I often get ideas on how it could be used in my daily life. It’s not very practical doing mundane things using your arms, you probably get tired and get other ailments than mouse arm. But there are other areas where it is very useful. Using a tablet with recipes while cooking for example. It’s often messy and you don’t want to get butter or something on your tablet. Switching channels on your media centered TV could be nice, and so on.

Scott and Neil discuss all kinds of possibilities that might lie ahead. Scott was very disappointed with the Leap Motion

The second podcast of today is also about geeky tech stuff, it’s Hanselminutes episode 382, Creating the Agent Smart Watch with Chris Walker of Secret Labs.

Secret Labs had a Kickstarter project to get manufacturing of the Agent Smart Watch going. The goal was $100.000 but they raised $1.000.000!

It’s .NET on the wrist and it sounds really cool. There are a lot of smart watches coming out but if I get one I want to be able to run .NET since that’s what I know.

They also talk about Netduino which Agent is built upon. It’s a very small micro controller that can be used for a lot of cool things.

I’ve mentioned before that I have a Raspberry PI waiting for some fun so I really enjoy podcasts like these that get my imagination going.