Today took a dive into general identity security with RunAs Radio episode 333, Identity Security with David Jones.

David is a senior security architect at Cisco and the discussion cover a lot about Single SignOn, biometrics and more. It’s not about development but give a good insight in problems and issues that we as developer might face and have to think about when developing our applications.

I also listened to Hanselminutes episode 389, The Agile mindset with Linda Rising.

I have mentioned before that I really like the Lean and Agile way of thinking so when this podcast popped up I got very interested.

This discussion is more psychological then technical and I found it fascinating. Linda and Scott talks about mindset, fixed and change, and how small things can change the mindset and alter how a person act or perform.

I would like to think that I have a change mindset, I always want to grow, learn new things and improve myself and what I do. The “One hour a day” experiment is proof of that I believe.