Today’s podcast was JavaScript Jabber episode 75, Maintainable JavaScript with Nicholas Zakas.

Nicholas is the author of many JavaScript books, the latest Maintanable JavaScript. The guys discuss the importance of guidelines and best practices to keep code maintainable when working in teams. The book itself and the podcast talks about JavaScript but the importance of guidelines and a common set of rules is the same in all languages, but also in other parts of life.

Nicholas give a great example with the International Space Station. It was built in modules in different countries, shot up in space and then put together. They didn’t know if it would work until it was up there. That shows how important it is that the interfaces was determined in detail and that all teams worked with the same guidelines.

It also made me think of when I was in fourth grade. We wrote a book as a class project. We where divided into groups, each group got one chapter. Together we had to come up with a storyline for the whole book and an overview of what would happen in each chapter. Then each group wrote the chapter and came up with the details.