Moving up to the cloud, listening to DotNet Rocks episode 901, Using Azure Blob Storage for Continuous Delivery with Guy Starbuck.

Maybe I should be a little ashamed, but to me the cloud have not been much more than servers at a host with the possibility of configure them yourself. Well, I know it’s much more… or not… What’s more is not really the cloud, it’s the services available from the different hosts. But hey, let’s call it the cloud, everyone else does it. 🙂

This podcast give an explanation of what Azure Blob Storage is. Guy also describes a way he uses the Blob Storage to Click-Once applications of his clients for testing purpose. It sounds very cool.

Windows Azure have a lot of great services and as a .NET developer using Microsoft developer tools there are great hooks into Azure. I’ve mentioned it before that I haven’t looked into Azure a lot yet but I have some tutorials lined up. With the prices today for hosted services there’s not much use to host your applications yourself anymore.