Today I’ve been listening on two podcasts about web development. The first one was Hanselminutes episode 363, HTML5, JavaScript, Chrome and the web platform with Paul Irish. Paul is a Chrome Developer and he and Scott talks about the evolution of web browsers, JavaScript, cross-browser and web development in general.

When it comes to browsers in one corner we have Chrome that release stable versions every 6 six weeks. In the other Internet Explorer release once a year or maybe 18 months. We still have a problem with standards and backward compatibility and enterprises can’t go as fast as the browser releases. I believe that we need an environment where the browser is fully backward compatible, follow a common standard and is automatically updated frequently, like Chrome. One reason for this would be security, a faster way to close security holes. Another reason is that we would have a faster and more exciting evolution of the web when developer’s don’t have to think about coding for multiple browsers and versions of each browser. When it comes to standards this will probably always be a problem area since the browser suppliers come up with new technology and functionality, but that is in a way a good thing as well, moving the web forward. However, then we as developer’s only have to think about that specific new functionality.

The second podcast of the day was Yet Another Podcast episode 106, Jeff Fritz on One ASP.NET.

This was the first time I heard the expression “One ASP.NET” and it made me very excited. It’s about bringing the different types of ASP.NET into one single project. Today we have Web Forms, MVC, Web Pages/Razor, Web API, SignalR and Single Page Applications. The problem is that these are in separate project templates in Visual Studio. With “One ASP.NET” you can use all these different types in the same project and use each type for what it does best. What this means is that in Visual Studio 2013 you select your language, select web and you will only have one ASP.NET project type to select! 


I want VS2013 NOW!