Todays podcast was a little different. This is the first I listen to from Stack Exchange, episode 51, and from what I understand one of the creator’s, Jeff Atwood, left SE a while back and he was back talking to Joel Spolsky, David Fullerton and Jay Hanlon.

They start out with a lot of SE information, milestones, sites, Android app and so on, before it’s time for Jeff Atwood. The talk is mostly about Jeff’s new project Discourse and a lot about how bad the existing old forum applications are and what Discourse can bring to the table.

Just as in the podcast yesterday they get into talking about burning out. Jeff got burned out when working on Stack Exchange. It seems to be a common problem amongst developers. My guess it’s because we want to do fun stuff but since we often get stuck in “boring” projects at work we spend a lot of our free time learning, building our own projects or getting involved in open source. Wanting more than we have time for put a lot of pressure on a person.

Not much about coding and technology but it’s an interesting discussion about how forums, chat and comments work and how they can be improved.