Today i listened to The Changelog episode 101, npm origins and Node.js with Isaac Schlueter.

Isaac is the creator of npm and the main administrator of Node. He works for Joyent who own the Node source code and trademark.
This talk goes a little deeper into what Node is and what you can do and how you can build an asynchronous web using Node and also about the background of npm. Npm, Node Package Manager, can for a .NET developer like me probably be compared to Nuget.

They also talk about burning out. The creator of Node, Ryan Dahl, worked on Node for three years and had a burnout. Today he’s removed himself from the net, turning off his blog, Twitter, Facebook and so on.

Isaac performs yoga every day in order to keep in shape, mentally and physically, and the host Andrew runs every day.
For me it’s the gym, some swimming and walking but not as much as I would like and should. It’s important to set your goal on a realistic level both with work, training and other things. It’s when you set your goal too high and then don’t have time to reach them you burn out.