Today it’s more JavaScript (as always), JavaScript Jabber episode 71, JavaScript Strategies at Microsoft with Scott Hanselman.

I found this podcast through a blog post that Scott made on his own blog.
He’s not so happy with the title of the podcast since he doesn’t have anything to do with JavaScript at Microsoft and only talked about his own opinions. To me he handled it great and this is a very interesting podcast.

There are a lot of good points in the podcast. Amongst other they dive into the question of cost of web development, server side versus client side. Server side have always been cheaper than client side development but as Scott mentions this depends on education, tools and so on.

The guys tried to push Scott about Microsoft strategies but he was firm with that he’s not talking for Microsoft, only for himself, a guy who wants to get things done.

I love good pedagogical descriptions and Scott have a few of them, it’s worth a listen just for those.