Today was another security podcast from Herding Code, episode 175, Dominick Baier on Securing ASP.NET Web APIs and HTTP Services.

A little bit over my head but Dominick goes into amongst other things CORS and token based authentication. It’s interesting but I think I need to have some reference material and try some things out in order to fully comprehend what he was talking about.


The second podcast for today was Yet Another Podcast episode 99, John Bristow and John Galloway on HTML5 and putting the web on a diet.


There is an obesity problem on the web. Yes, while we’re sitting here and building our web pages and while our asses get fatter so does the pages we code.

A web page today is 1.2 MB in average. That might not sound like much because we’re usually on a high speed broadband connection, I’m on a 100/100 MBit. But for mobile users or in areas with bad reception or bad connections sizes like that is very bad. For mobile users it can get very expensive if you’re roaming or it might eat your data plan very fast. For people with bad internet connections it will take a long time opening pages and if you’re a company that means you lose money.
Each millisecond faster a page loads might mean millions in extra revenue for a large company.