Today it’s two podcasts and the first one is Yet Another Podcast episode 82, Guy Smith-Ferrier on Internationalization.

I would love to not have to think about internationalization but the reality is that it’s important. For me, who’s from Sweden, it’s extra important since Swedish is a very small language and we almost always need at least a version in English as well.

At first I was thinking about skipping this podcast but when I started listening it actually got very fascinating. Guy very good speaker and you can hear that he is passionate about internationalization. He have a lot of good advice, one that really stick to me was how to use FxCop in a good way. Start by turning all rules off. Then turn on or create rules while doing code review or when you discover something that should be done in a specific way. Usually, like me, you install FxCop, get a couple of thousand warnings, turn off FxCop and go on as before.

In today’s second podcast I got into a little hacking with Herding Code episode 176, Jon McCoy on Hacking .NET.

I’m not a hacker, far from it, I don’t have a clue about things like that. It’s fascinating to hear what you can do when you really get into it.
Jon works as a security consultant, mostly with small business who are being hacked or want to fix security issues.