Three weeks into my challenge and it’s mostly podcasts so far. But the time for coding is getting closer. Not much more renovation at home the upcoming months.

Today I listened to Herding Code 151 – Rob Eisenberg on RPGWithMe, Durandal, and XAML vs. HTML5 development.

This podcast is more about role-playing games, boardgames and the site RPGWithMe that Rob has built. Since I played a lot of roleplaying games when I was young I know what he’s talking about and I also know how much that must be behind the site in order to fulfill gaming demands. Rob created Durandal, built on top of jQuery, Knockout and RequireJS, for RPGWithMe, previously he has also created Caliburn.Micro.

It’s interesting to hear a talk like this when it’s a real life example that is discussed. It’s also interesting to hear about different frameworks so I know what fit my needs in a specific application.