This is the second of the SPA podcasts I’ve been listening to, Yet Another Podcast episode 96, John Papa on SPA and Public Speaking.

Just as the last one it’s John Papa, the creator of the SPA templates, who talks about Single Page Applications. I really like listening to the same subject in different podcasts, there’s always some new angle and more to learn.
John is not only an awesome developer but also a great speaker and he also talks about public speaking in this podcast. There are some really good advice on the subject so if you’re not interested in SPA I still suggest you listen to this, you can forward it to the public speaking part.

The second podcast of today is Yet Another Podcast episode 100, Jeremy Likness.

Jeremy Likness talks about TypeScript and Angular and also about building Windows 8 apps with C# and XAML. If these are things you’re curious about and want to look into this is a good place to start.
For who, like me, don’t know what TypeScript is it’s a superset of JavaScript which provides extra features. It’s similar to CoffeeScript but serves a different purpose.

I’m intrigued, are you?