I have two Single Page Application (SPA) podcasts lined up and here’s the first one, Herding Code episode 161, Single Page Applications with John Papa and Ward Bell.

With ASP.NET and Web Tools 2012.2 update to Visual Studio you get SPA templates. This talk with John Papa and Ward Bell discuss the templates, Single Page Applications in general and also their new Hot Towel SPA Template.

Hot Towel includes Durandal, Knockout, Breeze, jQuery, Bootstrap, Moment and “the useful parts of the ASP.NET Stack”. It’s a way to bring grownup architecture into client side coding and it’s used for line of business applications. John say it’s great for data intensive applications, but not just for building a website.
There’s a sample application when you install the template but it’s minimal to make it usable as a starting point for your application.

I started to look at one of the SPA templates in VS when I started my Knockout application the other day. Later on I will test them out more thoroughly and definitely Hot Towel as well.

With so many new JavaScript frameworks there’s no solution that’s perfect for everyone. Try out as many as possible, put them together in different constellations and see what stack is best for your project.