Today I listened to Hanselminutes episode 383, Enough With The JavaScript Already! with Nicholas Zakas.

Nicholas Zakas is a Front-end guy at Box, and recently gave a talk called “Enough with the JavaScript Already!” where he advocates that developers use fewer libraries and write smarter JS. There has been kind of a revolution in JavaScript. There are new libraries popping up all the time and there are always some libraries being mentioned in the podcasts I listen to. Sometimes it’s good to take a step back and see if it can be done in a better way. JavaScript libraries are great and I will try a lot of them and use some in my applications but at the same time you always have to think one more time and use what suits your project the best.

I also listened to Herding code episode 171, Magnus Mårtensson on Azure.

At NDC, Jon and K Scott talked to Magnus Martensson about continuous delivery on the Windows Azure platform and the Global Windows Azure Bootcamp he helped run. I have to admit that I have not looked at Azure at all. I can’t drop the feeling that it’s just web hosting. If I put my site on a virtual server at my hosting company, is that different from Azure? Well, I will take a closer look at Azure, especially the tight connection to Visual Studio sounds great.

Magnus mentions the Global Windows Azure Bootcamp that took place in april. Over 5000 attendees in 92 locations ran coordinated worker roles that passed the rendering power of some Pixar films.

I’m going to check out the Windows Azure Training Kit and next time there’s a Bootcamp I’ll join it.