I’ve listened to Herding code episode 167, Glenn Block on ScriptCS.

Scriptcs is something I’ve seen mentioned in blog posts and on Twitter but it haven’t caught my attention since I couldn’t see an immediate use for it in my work. It does feel like something to keep track on and this podcast was a good place to start. Glenn is the one who created the project and he give us the background and a lot of information about how it works, what you can and can’t do and the way forward.

Scriptcs make it possible to run C# without a solution, project and even classes. One example on usage is automation as a replacement of PowerShell. This is good since a C# developer know C# but have to learn PS. As real world examples Glenn mentions a large trucking company who is using scriptcs to automate data processing jobs.

I’m thinking about PowerShell later on, maybe I’ll check out ScriptCS as a follow up to see how to do the same things.

There are a lot of examples in the scriptcs samples repository and as usual you can find the links at the podcast information page.