Next podcast in my queue was Herding code episode 166, Tomasz Janczuk on Edge.js.

There are a lot of things done better in node and some are better in .NET. For example ADO.NET is the best choice when connecting to an MS SQL Server and .NET have very good ZIP compression. With Edge.js we can write our .NET code and let our node.js use it with only a few lines.
Edge.js connects node.js to .NET and make it possible to run .NET code in the node.js process instead of having to create a second process for .NET and set up interconnectibility between them. Compared to connecting to a self-hosted .NET WebAPI server, node.js using Edge.js is about 32 times faster!

The cast is 41 minutes so I had time to check out as well. There’s a good presentation with samples on what you can do and how to do it. There are also links to the see the full code for each example on GitHub.

Since I will try node.js and I’m a .NET developer I feel that Edge.js definitely is in my node.js study plan. Duh.