Soon I’ll continue my exploration into Knockout so first I wanted to get to know Git a little better.

I started by creating i repository on I already had an account on Git, but no repos, so I only had to click the “New repository” button on the start page. I entered a name, OneHourADay, set it as public and chose to init a README file and I’m done.

The repository can be found at and this is where I’ll upload all my code in the future.

Next I needed to connect my local repository to GitHub. To do this I open Git Bash, navigate to a folder of my choice and type:
git clone

A folder, OneHourADay, was created and in that folder I see my README file.
I learned some basic commands the other day so using those I want to see how I get files into GitHub.

I added a file, testfile.txt, in my local folder.
“git add testfile.txt” add the file to my repo.
“git commit -m “Adding a testfile” commit the file to the repo.
“git push -u origin master” uploads the file into GitHub.
Checking and the file is there. Great!

This is as far I’m going today. Now I have all in place for my coding explorations and I’ll try out some Git features while doing that.

I also had time to listen to a podcast, Hanselminutes episode 375, On Culture and Remoteness at GitHub with Paul Betts and Justin Spahr-Summers.
Just as the podcast yesterday it’s more about the culture at GitHub, the organisation and how it is to work there. It’s very interesting since I’m not only a tech geek. These days I work mostly in management, coding is done in my spare time, and it’s great to hear how different companies solves certain problems.