Today I listened to Yet Another Podcast episode 94, Phil Haack: Git.

Jesse Liberty is talking with Phil Haack and Jon Galloway about Git, GitHub, GitHub for Windows, organizational structure and much more. This is more about how Git works as a company and how it is to work there but also good information on how GitHub for Windows works. My first feeling was that it was a little boring, but that was probably because I expected more information about GitHub. But it actually got very interesting. The organizational structure at Git sounds like anarchy but seems to work and I think for a developer it’s an environment where you can grow and flourish.

There are lot’s of good links on the podcast information page.

I also listened to Herding Code episode 164, OWIN and Katana with Louis DeJardin.

From we can learn that OWIN, Open Web Interface for .NET, defines a common interface that decouples servers and applications. This makes it possible to run your application on broader number of platforms more easily.
Katana supports the Microsoft hosts and frameworks and provides a command line tool for running OWIN applications from the command line. It’s a flexible set of components for building and hosting OWIN-based web applications.

I have only heard OWIN a few times but haven’t read anything and unfortunately I have to admit that this was a little over my head to start with. But it was very interesting and I will take a closer look at OWIN and Katana in the near future.