I’ve listened to Hanselminutes episode 377, Open Sourcing Web Essentials – Mads Kristensen and the Front End Developer.

Web Essentials is a Visual Studio extension that add a lot of helpful features to the editor when writing CSS, HTML, JavaScript, TypeScript, CoffeScript and LESS. If you’re a web developer and don’t use this you should really take a look at the site and see all the features it brings.

I’ve installed Web Essentials a long time ago but never really used it. The explanation for that is I’m not doing very much front-end work these days. I will however take a look at it when I’m continuing my journey of enlightenment, one hour a day. 😉

The second podcast was Hanselminutes episode 376, A gentle introduction to node.js with Raquel Velez.

I listened to a podcast on node.js the other day but I probably should have started with this one.
The previous talk was a little too advanced to start but this, as the title say, give a better introduction to what node.js is and what we can do with it. Node.js sounds really cool and very soon I have to check out some tutorials and play around with it.

Raquel also mentions that she program robots, how cool is that?

I have a Raspberry PI that I haven’t really done anything with yet, I might do some node.js on that one.