Today it’s again two podcasts, this time both from Hanselminutes. First out episode 351, Understanding NancyFX with Richard Cirerol.

I have tried Nancy before but only a little and I didn’t get to deep into it. I would like to though and this podcast give a lot of information what NancyFX has become and what you can do with it. It’s among the top items on my list.

Check it out at

The next one was episode 359 – Git support within Visual Studio. The other day I listened to a Git show about how to start learning Git and now I got some information on how to use Git in Visual Studio instead of the source control in TFS. It sounds really interesting and I will use it but to start with I’ll use the Git command shell until I get a hang of how it works.

Microsoft is doing a lot of work in the open source community with this one, sharing code with libgit2 and libgit2sharp.

This not the first way of working with Git in Visual Studio. There’s a comment on the podcast page that links to Git Extensions. Could be worth to check out as well.

Git support for Visual Studio

Git Extensions