Today I listened to two podcasts, approx. half hour each.

The first one was Software Engineering Radio Episode 196, Personal Kanban with Jim Benson.

The host, Marcel van Hove, talks to Jim Benson about Personal Kanban. I like Kanban and use it both at work and also a little at home. Personal Kanban takes “industrial” Kanban and put it to use on a personal level instead of for a group. It can be used both in your private life as well as for tracking individual members of your team at work.

It’s still Kanban so nothing earth shattering but still very good information on how to use Kanban to organize your life.

The second podcast was Hanselminutes episode 350, Learning how to Learn Git with Michael Sarchet.

I’ve used Source Safe, svn and now it’s TFS all the way for me. Source control has always been about keeping history so I can go back if I screw up. I’ve never needed to do any complicated things with my SC so all programs I’ve used have been enough, even Source Safe.

Git has become very popular both in open source and in commercial use so I feel that it’s time to see what the fuzz is about.

This podcast give a lot of pointers on where to start learning Git.

They also mention the site which Steve and Michael are building together. A small site to check you’re installed .NET framework.

Take a look at the information pages for the podcasts, linked above, for a lot of links.