There is always so much to learn, explore, discover and experience but so little time. But when you think about it there is always a little time here and there. For me as a commuter I have 2 hours a day on a train, approx 30 minutes walking and 15 minutes on the subway. This I do 4 days a week since I work one day from home. Most of the time on the train I work, the walk and the subway is perfect for podcasts or reading on my iPad and when I work from home I still get up just as early so I can work a full day, do some learning and end the workday pretty early.

My goal for the upcoming year is to spend one hour a day, one measly hour, on learning something in IT. It may be programming, agile concepts, tools, architecture and so on. The one hour a day is an average. I know that some days I will not have the time after all and other I will have 2-3 hours available.

To start with it will mostly be podcasts and maybe reading articles. Most of my spare time at the moment is on a train or walking. I also want to collect some information and news to get a feel of what I want to start with.

Let’s see what you can do in 365 hours.