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August 2013

One hour a day 20: Podcast on Python Tools for Visual Studio

Today's listening may sound like a little detour, It's Hanselminutes episode 384, Python Tools for Visual Studio with Dino Viehland. The reason for this "detour" is that I have a Raspberry PI waiting for something cool to happen. Python is... Continue Reading →

One hour a day 19: Podcast on scriptcs and PowerShell

Today I went back to scriptcs, this time for the PowerScripting Podcast episode 238, Glenn Block & Jim Christopher on scriptcs. It was great to hear a discussion comparing PowerShell and scriptcs. Glenn and Jim talk about what and when... Continue Reading →

One hour a day 18: Podcast on TypeScript

After the podcast with Jeremy Likness yesterday about TypeScript and Angular I wanted to learn more about TypeScript so I'm continuing down that track. I had another podcast in my queue, .NET Rocks! episode 897, TypeScript and more with Chris... Continue Reading →

One hour a day 17: Podcasts on SPA, Public Speaking, TypeScript and Angular

This is the second of the SPA podcasts I've been listening to, Yet Another Podcast episode 96, John Papa on SPA and Public Speaking. Just as the last one it's John Papa, the creator of the SPA templates, who talks... Continue Reading →

One hour a day 16: Podcast on Single Page Applications

I have two Single Page Application (SPA) podcasts lined up and here's the first one, Herding Code episode 161, Single Page Applications with John Papa and Ward Bell. With ASP.NET and Web Tools 2012.2 update to Visual Studio you get... Continue Reading →

One hour a day 15: Podcast, Lean Development

This time I left the technical aspect of development and listened to Software Engineering Radio episode 190, Lean (software) development with Christof Ebert, managing director at Vector Consulting. I really like Agile processes. During the past year I've tried to... Continue Reading →

One hour a day 14: Podcasts on Enough with the JavaScript already! and Azure

Today I listened to Hanselminutes episode 383, Enough With The JavaScript Already! with Nicholas Zakas. Nicholas Zakas is a Front-end guy at Box, and recently gave a talk called "Enough with the JavaScript Already!" where he advocates that developers use... Continue Reading →

One hour a day 13: Podcast on ScriptCS

I've listened to Herding code episode 167, Glenn Block on ScriptCS. Scriptcs is something I've seen mentioned in blog posts and on Twitter but it haven't caught my attention since I couldn't see an immediate use for it in my... Continue Reading →

One hour a day 12: Podcast on Edge.js

Next podcast in my queue was Herding code episode 166, Tomasz Janczuk on Edge.js. There are a lot of things done better in node and some are better in .NET. For example ADO.NET is the best choice when connecting to... Continue Reading →

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