When I bought my wifi only iPad a couple of weeks ago I started to read up about rooting my HTC Hero so I could wifi tether it. I bought a wifi only iPad since I knew I could use my Android phone as a wifi router.

After a lot of searching and reading I discovered a lot of apps that made it easy to root my phone. One click and it’s done. I chose the app Universal Android Root (or Universal Androot)
It was quick and simple and even allowed me to root the phone temporarily if I wanted to.

Now I needed an app for wifi sharing. I tried Wifi Tether, aNetShare and Barnacle Wifi Tether.
Nothing worked and after some reading I discovered that I might need to flash another ROM to my phone.

I felt a little scared about flashing since I knew that it might turn my phone into a brick if I failed. However, after doing some reading I felt comfortable enough. I found some good guides and what looked like a great Froyo ROM (only in Swedish, sorry, but the ROM is english and awesome)
Now I was back to searching and reading about how to flash my phone and after trying to get Flashrec into my phone, and failing, I found ROM Manager.
With one click I flashed a recovery image. Another click and I took a backup of my current system. One more click and I flashed my phone to Froyo. Success…..almost. But if you fail, try again. This is what I did, what I did wrong and what I did to fix it.

First I flashed a recovery image. You have to do this in order to flash a custom ROM. ROM Manager gave me a message saying an error occurred while attempting to run privileged command. This means that the app doesn’t have super user permissions. So I ran Universal Androot again, this time with the login option checked. Now when I ran ROM Manager I got the question to give it super user permission and then the recovery image was flashed.

I then selected the backup option, the phone rebooted and the backup was created. I mounted my SD card and copied the backup to my computer just in case.

The step after that is to install a ROM from the SD card. I previously copied my Froyo ROM from my computer to my SD card, /sdcard/. When starting the installation you get an option to clear the cache, and I checked it. The phone rebooted and ….. NOOOOO …. “the red triangle of death”. I had already seen this a couple of times when I tried Flashrec so I took out my battery and went back to ROM Manager to start over. The red triangle means that the recovery image failed to run so I flashed it again. This time, instead of choosing install from SD card, I selected to reboot to recovery. This time the reboot worked and I got the text menu for the recovery image.
Now I installed the ROM from my SD card and it seemed to work great. The phone rebooted and instead of the HTC logo I got the Android logo. I knew the first boot could take awhile but after 20 minutes I got worried. After 30 minutes I knew something was wrong so I removed the battery again and started the phone in recovery (press Home while powering up). I was back in the recovery image and selected to clear data and cache, and most importantly the dalvik cache (whatever that is). I rebooted again and in a couple of minutes the Android setup instructions started. Finally, SUCCESS!!!

Now my HTC Hero is running Froyo and it feels faster, smoother and looks good even compared to the HTC Sense UI. The ROM I used had ADWLauncher installed and I like it.
The first thing I tried was aNetShare, also installed in the ROM. The wifi tether started up, I checked my network settings on my iPad, the phone popped up, I connected and …. WOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!
This is totally awesome! I don’t regret for a second that I bought the wifi only iPad.

My Froyo HTC Hero works great and this is one happy camper. If you have a Hero, don’t be scared to flash it to Android 2.2. HTC won’t do it but it’s easy to do it yourself.