I’ve been thinking about getting a netbook for a while now and Wednesday morning i decided to buy one. I decided on an Asus Eee PC 1000HE mainly because I’ve heard a lot of good about it and also it has a great battery life. It was delivered at lunch Thursday and I started with installing Windows 7 RC1 on it. The blog post by Sara J Chipps was a good start for information on how to install from a USB device.

UPDATE: The problems with the Windows 7 installation was that I downloaded a Checked build from MSDN. A “checked” build is used for debugging and development so be sure to download a non checked build.


Making the USB bootable and putting Windows 7 on it was a breeze, the problems started after that. First I couldn’t get the computer to boot from the USB. The Windows XP installation started and I let it finish. I looked around in the BIOS and finally discovered that the bootable USB wasn’t a removable drive, I found it under Hard drives. Now the Windows 7 installation started. It felt like it took a long time to install but it was finally done. Next problem, I forgot to format the hard drive before installing and since the XP installation started I got a conflict with the Programs folder. Decision time, reinstall.

So I once again started the installation and got a little more than half way through. An error message saying that it couldn’t install with the selected language. But I didn’t change anything, I used the default US English! Start over again!

The third time everything finished smoothly, even though it took quite a long time. Now the problems started to pile up. IE8 kept crashing as soon as I opened it. The firewall used a constant 50% of the CPU. I managed to shut down the services for the firewall and that solved the CPU problem, but then I didn’t have a firewall. After som binging (hehe) I found something about this problem happening when downloading it through MSDN (subscribers) but not when downloading it from the public microsoft.com site.

I also had problems installing the .NET 4.0 Beta, it didn’t work at all. Once again decision time. New download from microsoft.com, reinstall.

With the new downloaded version the installation took about 15 minutes! Wow! Something was really wrong with that first download. No problems with the firewall, no problems with IE8 and suddenly I got a notice about updates being available, didn’t get that the first time.

Time to install everything I need to work and play; Firefox, Visual Studio 2008 Professional, Visual Studio 2010 Beta, SQL Server 2008 Express, Chrome (to check it out), 7zip (haven’t tried it before, awesome!), Digsby (for all my social networking needs). Later on I will install Paint.NET if I need it.

The performance is very good so far. I’ll see this week when I work on it if it’s good enough. I might turn off all visualizations if it helps.