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June 2009

SharePoint Quick Launch in web part pages

The other day I had a problem in a SharePoint application. I have created a couple of web part pages but in these pages the Quick Launch menu on the left side disappeared. After some searching I found a blog... Continue Reading →


Today I've been playing around with Paint.Net. The reason is that I need a new logotype for my site,, since I'm rebuilding it using ASP.NET MVC. I'm using it as a learning project and while I'm at it I'll... Continue Reading →

SharePoint Advanced Development seminar Day 2

Friday was the second day of the SharePoint Advanced Development seminar with Shannon Bray.We went deep-diving into feature development, the Business Data Catalog, Enterprise Search and WCF Web Services. Just as in my previous post this is me cleaning up... Continue Reading →

SharePoint Advanced Development seminar Day 1

Today and tomorrow I'm spending my time in AddSkills seminar SharePoint Advanced Development with Shannon Bray. Shannon is a well-known SharePoint expert and Microsoft's SharePoint MCT. The seminar is focused on real-world problems. We also got the book "Inside Microsoft... Continue Reading →

Adventures in Netbook land

  I've been thinking about getting a netbook for a while now and Wednesday morning i decided to buy one. I decided on an Asus Eee PC 1000HE mainly because I've heard a lot of good about it and also... Continue Reading →

Code Complete 2nd Edition

I am currently re-reading Code Complete 2nd Edition by Steve McConnell. If you're a developer you should not only have heard about this book, you should have read it. Preferrably more than once. This book is totally awesome and cover... Continue Reading →

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