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One hour a day 263: Podcasts on Heartbleed and the Creative Mind

Two short ones today. First one is RunAs Radio episode 365, Heartbleed with Troy Hunt.

Hopefully none of you have missed the OpenSSL bug, Heartbleed. Troy and Richard goes through what it is, how it happened and what to do about it.

Second is Hanselminutes episode 420, Hacking the Creative Mind with Denise Jacobs.

Denise talks about creativity and how you can train your creative mind just like any craft.

One hour a day 259: Podcast on Go, Martini and Gophercasts

Today it's The Changelog episode 117, Go, Martini and Gophercasts with Jeremy Saenz.

I've listened to a few shows on Go already and since it's popularity seems to grow I picked up this one. Jeremy talks about Go in general and about Martini. It's a framework for building web applications much like Sinatra and Nancy and it has a built-in web server. It looks very clean and cool.

He also talks about Gophercasts which is a website with video tutorials for Go. Great place to start if you're interested in trying out Go.

One hour a day 258: Podcasts on Open Source, Windows 8.1, LED and Birth and Death of JavaScript

Two shorter shows today but packed with information. First up is Hanselminutes episode 419, Hanselminutiae 13 with Richard Campbell.

Richard is a regular guest on Hanselminutes and the guys talk about open source, LED lights, finding airplanes and more.

Second one is Herding Code episode 189, Gary Bernhardt on the Birth and Death of JavaScript.

This is a short discussion based on a talk Gary had about the Birth and Death of JavaScript taking place in 2035. A vision of the future where JavaScript is dead and everything we code is compiled to Asm, a language not created yet.

An interesting and different take on development.

One hour a day 255: Podcasts on Recurring Revenue and SaaS

Another day with two shorter shows. Today it's two Startups for the Rest of Us. First up is episode 177, How RivalFox Launched to $2k in Recurring Revenue.

The guys go through a list of activities that RivalFox went through in order to launch their service with $2000 in recurring revenue and Rob and Mike share their own thoughts on this. Great tips here as usual.

Second is episode 180, The Benefits & Drawbacks of SaaS (for Users and Founders).

Great show on the benefits and drawbacks of SaaS (Software as a Service) for customers, founders and developers. Good advice on how to know if you should go with a SaaS or not.