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One hour a day 290: Podcast on Windows App Mistakes and Surface Pro 3

Today I've listened to the MS Dev Show episode 6, Top 10 Windows App Mistakes with Jason Short.

Jason give some great advice for developing Windows apps.

They also discuss the new Surface Pro 3, developer candy. I really want one of these. To me this is the future. I have a 2 year old MacBook Air from work but private I have no laptop, a 5 year old desktop and an iPad 3. I need an upgrade and the Surface Pro 3 would replace all of it. I have a long commute every day and need something light and powerful, this is it.

One hour a day 289: Podcast on Enterprise SharePoint Development

Today it's .NET Rocks episode 986, Enterprise SharePoint Development with Ted Pattison.

After the usual SharePoint jokes, a lot of them going around, Ted talk about the evolution and future of SharePoint. I've been working with SharePoint back and fourth but always feel like it a hassle when trying to customize it and I know I'm not alone. It sounds like the new app model finally get SharePoint to a place where we can develop towards it. However, the question is what happens to the on-prem solution with the push towards the cloud. A lot of large corporations still want and need to have on-prem solutions and it's important to not scare them.