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One hour a day 327: Getting into the Zone

Today I have .NET Rocks episode 1001, Getting into the Zone with Mark Seeman.
Carl and Richard talk to Mark about flow and getting into the zone. I think all of us developers know the feeling, time disappears and code keeps filling up the screen. Awesome feeling!
The important part is not being disturbed. That makes me think about Pomodoro. It's a productivity technique, I'm using it once in awhile, but isn't it a zone destroyer in a way? After 25 minutes the alarm goes of and you leave everything and after 5 minutes you get back and try to get into the zone again. What do you think?

One hour a day 323: Podcast on Internet of Things

I've listened to MS Devshow episode 10, WTH is IoT?
Internet of Things is quite the phenomenon and it might be the hottest thing going on right now. And why not, gadgets are cool, tech is cool and if your gadget can "talk" with the rest of the world how cool is that. Carl and Jason discuss what IoT is and what it could be and also how Windows Azure can help.
I listened to another show on Internet of Things a couple of weeks ago, .NET Rocks on Internet of Things with Clemens Vasters.
I'm just trying to figure out what cool things I should do with my Raspberry PI. Too little time, too many things to do.

On another note I'm now officially on vacation. Five wonderful weeks ahead of me to relax, do some fun coding, fix things around the house and catch some sun. On Wednesday I'm leaving for a week in Croatia. Fortunately I'm about a week ahead on my listening and I've scheduled my posts since I don't know how often I have an internet connection. I have also filled my phone with podcasts to listen to while I'm relaxing on the beach.

One hour a day 322: Podcasts on Reactive User Interfaces and Multifactor Authentication

Today it's two shorter shows. First it's Hanselminutes episode 428, Creating Reactive User Interfaces with Adaptive Consulting's Reactive Trader
Scott talks to Matt Barrett from Adaptive Consulting about Reactive Trader, a reactive sample application released as open source. It's really great when companies release real world applications like this as open source.

Second show is RunAs Radio episode 373, Multifactor Authentication with Dana Epp
Dana is pretty thorough in this very interesting discussion on authentication.

One hour a day 320: Podcast on Community Dynamics

I've listened to JavaScript Jabber episode 113, Community Dynamics with Reginald Braithwaite.
Nice discussion about the JavaScript community and the evolution of JavaScript. Interesting as usual but the most interesting to me was a short sidetrack on surplus time. I like thinking about stuff like that so now I'm going a bit offtrack myself, I've actually thought about writing a blog post on this.
You go to work and get paid what you need to live. The time outside that can be seen as surplus. I read a lot of blog articles regarding productivity and sometimes a post pops up discussing how much time we waste watching TV or things like that. It sounds like we should sleep, eat, work, excercise, be with our family and spend the rest of our time with activities that advance our career. Sounds pretty boring to me and who's to say what wasting time is?
Reginald mentions playing with nodecopters, playing golf or whatever makes you happy and I totally agree.
I spend some of my surplus time on job related stuff since coding has always been my hobby but other that that I spend it with my family, read, excercise, watch movies and TV series, play golf, travel and have fun.
Your brain and body need rest so whatever you do to get that rest is never a waste of time.
Another aspect is that whatever you do you may come up with great ideas for you work as well. I have a long list of ideas and some are maturing into real projects. Some I've come up with at the gym, watching TV, travelling, at work, reading fiction, listening to podcasts, and many other activities.

So, how are you spending your surplus time?