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One hour a day 221: Podcasts on Accessibility and Superscribe

Today I have two shorter shows. First an amazing one, it's Hanselminutes episode 413, I'm a Blind Software Technician - Ask Me Anything! with Katherine Moss.

Kathrine is blind and a software technician. Can you apprehend how amazing that is? This show is about a very important subject, accessiblity. I remember about 13-14 years ago when I was pretty new on the job market there was a lot of talk about accessibility but unfortunately it seems to have gotten worse instead of better caused by design and marketing coming first.

As developer's we have a responsibility to build applications and web sites that everyone can use.

Second one is Herding Code episode 188, Pete Smith on Superscribe.

Pete talks about Superscribe, his library for graph based routing.

One hour a day 217: Podcasts on Sharepoint and Startups

Two short shows today and the first one is RunAs Radio episode 358, Sharepoint in the Cloud with Jeremy Thake.

Jeremy talks about how the Sharepoint programming model have changed and how to move Sharepoint to the cloud.

Second one is Startups For The Rest of Us episode 174, Momentum, Stress, HitTail and AuditShark.

The guys share updates on their applications and with that a lot of good advice.

One hour a day 214: Podcast on SOLID

Today I've listened to Coding Blocks episode 7, SOLID as a Rock!

As always the boys at Coding Blocks deliver an awesome show. There are a lot of principles out there, DRY, KISS, YAGNI, SOLID, and you can't follow them all to 100%. But it's good to strive for it. In this show we get a detailed run through of the SOLID principles; Single responsibility, Open closed, Liskov substitution, Interface segregation, Dependency inversion.