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One hour a day 289: Podcast on Enterprise SharePoint Development

Today it's .NET Rocks episode 986, Enterprise SharePoint Development with Ted Pattison.

After the usual SharePoint jokes, a lot of them going around, Ted talk about the evolution and future of SharePoint. I've been working with SharePoint back and fourth but always feel like it a hassle when trying to customize it and I know I'm not alone. It sounds like the new app model finally get SharePoint to a place where we can develop towards it. However, the question is what happens to the on-prem solution with the push towards the cloud. A lot of large corporations still want and need to have on-prem solutions and it's important to not scare them.

One hour a day 283: Podcasts on Startups

Two short shows from Startups for the Rest of Us today. First it's episode 183, 5 Startup Rules to Live By with Dan Norris.

Dan Norris talk about his book, The 7-Day Startup, and give us 5 good rules to follow with your startup.


Second on is episode 184, When to pivot, gaining trust from early adopters and how to handle credit card expiration.

In this episode Rob and Mike answer questions from the listeners and give some good advice.

One hour a day 282: Podcast on becoming an Outlier

Great show today, it's Windows Developer Show episode 157, Becoming An Outlier.

Among the regular great tips the guys have a talk with Cory House about his Pluralsight course "Becoming an Outlier: Reprogramming the Developer Mind".

This is actually to some extent what my goal with my "One hour a day" experiment is. His first point about commanding your time and creating habits is what I'm doing. When I'm doing something where I can listen to a podcast I do that. I learn while doing something that doesn't take a lot of brain power. Taking a walk, mowing the lawn, painting a wall.

Great show and I'll check out the Pluralsight course as well.

One hour a day 281: Podcasts on Agile Families and Designing Video Games

Two short Hanselminutes today. First it's episode 422, Agile Families: Techniques for Living with Change with David Starr.

Great talk on using Agile methods to manage your family life. Your knowledge and experience from work can really improve your personal life. I've discussed this with my girlfriend and with all the projects we have, renovating and such, a board would be a great help. She hasn't really bought the idea yet though.

Second one is episode 423, Designing Video Games with student and game designer Lauren Scott.

Scott and Lauren have a good chat about the indie game scene, video game design and skills needed.