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One hour a day 191: Podcasts on ASP.NET Identity and Security and BonsaiJS

Two shorter ones today as well. First up a very short, it's Herding Code episode 187, Brock Allen on ASP.NET Identity and Security.
Brock from Thinctecture talks about his open source libraries to simplify cross platform development and also about the CORS support he contributed to ASP.NET Web API.

Next up is JavaScript Jabber episode 94, BonsaiJS with Tobias Reiss.
BonsaiJS is a lightweight graphics library that sounds very cool.

One hour a day 190: Podcasts on Startups and Xbox One

Two shorter shows today and first up is Startups For The Rest of Us episode 171, Top 12 Signs You Should Walk Away From a Project.
Sometimes it's necessary to walk away from a project. The reasons may differ and in this show the guys give us their top 12 signs.
It reminds me a bit of the term "Kill your darlings" from when I worked in advertising.

Second one is Hanselminutes episode 410, Xbox One Developer with Dave Voyles, formerly of Comcast.
Dave and Scott talks about the features of the new Xbox One and also about how you can develop apps for it using HTML and Javascript.

One hour a day 188: Podcasts on Cross-Platform Libraries and Challenges of large SPA

Starting out with a short one, Herding Code episode 186, Paul Betts on Three Cross-Platform Libraries: Splat, ModernHttpClient and Punchclock.

Paul has some nice libraries designed to simplify cross-platform development in C#. Splat lets you share things in cross-platform viewmodels, the biggest one being images. ModernHttpClient brings platform-specific networking libraries to Xamarin to speed up http calls. Punchclock is a library for managing concurrent operations.

Second one of today is JavaScript Jabber episode 96, The Challenges of large Single Page JavaScript Applications with Bart Wood.

Building Single Page Applications is getting very common with all new JavaScript libraries popping up. But it comes with some challenges and Bart shares his experience on overcoming challenges in large applications.

One hour a day 185: Podcasts on Learning and Distributed Replay

Two shorter show from RunAs Radio today, first up episode 354, Learning About Learning with Kim Tripp.

I enjoy listening to shows like this. Kim and Richard talks about learning, training, conferences and more.

Second on of the day is RunAs Radio episode 353, Distributed Replay in SQL Server 2012 with Boris Hristov.

I'm not a DBA and will never be one but I want to keep an eye on new features in SQL Server as well as other applications in order to know what's possible when architecting new solutions.

Distributed Replay collect transactions and can then replay those on your server.

One hour a day 183, Milestone, Podcast on Whiskey

Today is a pretty big milestone, I'm half way through my one hour a day experiment and haven't broken the chain yet. I'm going a little of topic and listened to a show about one of my other passions. It's .NET Rocks episode 886, Whiskey Geek Out.

I like the .NET Rocks geek out shows. For my 100th day I listened to one about barbecue and today it's whiskey, or as I spell it, whisky. The discussion actually starts with the spelling. I'm usually use whisky for scotch and whiskey for Irish and American. Who really cares, we drink it, we love it, no matter the spelling.

It's an awesome discussion going into the details of the destillation process, barreling and much more.

This is passion!